Friday, February 19, 2016

Highlights from Week One of Spring Training: All the Information I Could Find

So everyone has finally reported to Fort Meyers for Spring Training, and things are looking pretty good for the Red Sox right now, but it does for everyone in Spring Training.

Right now, I'm honestly just hungry for any kind of information I can get and any pictures or videos I can get. The Red Sox are posting on their Snapchat account a couple times a day, and beat reporters are putting out some pretty cool stuff as well.

Here's some other news from this week:

Pablo Sandoval looks a bit thinner in his Instagram posts, which is promising.

Hanley Ramirez sounds excited about switching to first base. He even was quoted by Buster Olney saying he wanted to win a gold glove.
David Price also seems to be assimilating nicely into the team.

I'm looking forward to seeing how the players that aren't stars will be in the coming weeks.