Tuesday, May 3, 2016

My daughter WILL be a Red Sox fan

On Monday morning, I received a phone call telling me I was about to have a baby. After rushing to the hospital, I got into the room in time for the baby to be born. Three hours after finding out I was having a baby, I was holding my beautiful daughter Karen Audrey.

Monday, May 2, 2016

Another podcast with my father

This time, my father and I discussed some more current Red Sox news and stories. We began with the 2007 World Series, moved to the 2013 Series, which was probably some of the most intense baseball I'll ever see, and eventually to this season's players.

A podcast with my father

For my first podcast, I talked to my father, a lifetime Red Sox fan and the person that got me interested in baseball.

In the podcast, we talked about how he became a Red Sox fan, stopped watching baseball, and began again years later. Originally this was supposed to be an interview with a lot of back and forth, but my dad actually took over and did a great job describing his fandom.

This whole conversation easily could have gone on for hours, and 10 more minutes of it will happen in the my next conversation with my father.