Tuesday, May 3, 2016

My daughter WILL be a Red Sox fan

On Monday morning, I received a phone call telling me I was about to have a baby. After rushing to the hospital, I got into the room in time for the baby to be born. Three hours after finding out I was having a baby, I was holding my beautiful daughter Karen Audrey.

My baby's mother Anna, unfortunately, is a big Yankees fan. So my mother immediately decided the theme to the baby shower would be Yankees and Red Sox. We're planning on dressing her in a Red Sox hat and a Yankees onesie, or vice versa. People were also told to wear gear for their respective teams to the shower. It will be the ultimate gathering of Sox and Yankees fans since the 2004 World Series.

And obviously there's been quite a bit of discussion on who our daughter will root for. I had the baby on the couch during a Red Sox v. Braves game and claimed her first game would being a Sox game means she'd be a fan of them. Her mom didn't agree.
She did not actually cry, and the Red Sox are 6-1 since she was born, including a sweep on the Yankees. This girl may be the good luck charm we needed.

Hopefully we can get Baby Karen out to a few baseball games this summer, even if it's just our local Rochester Red Wings!