Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Truck Day: The Pre-Pre-Beginning of the Season

It's finally Truck Day! I couldn't think of a better day to start this blog.

I'll be writing about my experiences being a Boston sports fan in New York, some Red Sox analysis, and just my thoughts on what's going on in Boston sports.

With the season about to start, the Red Sox have a lot of questions. The first being if they can get out of last place in the AL East for the first time in the last two seasons.

I'm also eager to see how the "Hanley Project" will turn out. If Pablo Sandoval can turn out to be worth the $95 million the Sox forked over for him. How will the starting pitchers will look with David Price at the helm? Can the young guys like Bogaerts, Betts and Rodriguez keep progressing?

It's going to be a fun season, and I'm going to dive further into it in the coming weeks.

The Red Sox packed up all their gear onto the jetBlue sponsored truck which will make its way down to Fort Meyers, FL to prepare for Spring Training.

The first real Spring Training game will be against the Minnesota Twins on Mar 2.