Sunday, February 21, 2016

Is Pablo Sandoval Serious About Baseball?

John Barash / Associated Press

Scott Lauber went on a bit of a rant today about Pablo Sandoval. Saying he's not concerned enough about his weight or accountable about the terrible season he had.

I can't totally disagree with Lauber. Even though Sandoval does look thinner, he said he didn't know how much he weighed and that the Red Sox didn't ask him to lose any weight.

As everyone knows, Sandoval has always had issues with his weight. The Giants were always asking him to slim down, and the Red Sox, apparently, haven't done the same yet, with hopes that he will produce anyway. That hasn't exactly worked.

Lauber went on to call out the Red Sox for not asking Sandoval to lose weight. He talked about how it's definitely affecting his play. I can definitely understand this as well.

Sandoval just seems to be a bit sluggish at third base. He doesn't seem to have as much range as he should. Sandoval is also a contact hitter that won't hit a lot of homeruns. He's only ever topped 20 homers twice, and it's been five seasons since he's done that.

Contact hitters, like Sandoval's numbers suggest he is, aren't overweight. He needs to get it together and put himself in the best situation to earn that $95 million contract he has.

In a tweet, Lauber stated, "If he plays well, nobody mentions it. Last year, he didn't play well."