Friday, March 4, 2016

Spring Training should be boring, but the young players make it exciting

Brynn Anderson / Associated Press

I was having a conversation with a friend yesterday about Spring Training. The games really don't matter. The starters go out after a few innings or at bats. A veteran like David Ortiz took three games to even make an appearance.

So why do we still watch? Why do we care? I'm watching a Baltimore Orioles v. Toronto Blue Jays game with maybe three players I recognize still playing in the sixth inning as I write this. Games only started on March 2, and I've already heard announcers tell viewers not to pay attention to performance or numbers in these games.

Spring Training is interesting because we, as fans, get to see players working to win a spot and we get to see the future of our team.

You will often see young hitters hustling for an extra base on an outfielder's bobble. You don't see that kind of thing from veterans. So that in itself is fun to watch.

Then there's the future of our team. Yoan Moncada, who won't be playing in the MLB for a few years in the best case scenario and didn't even get a big league invite for Spring Training, made an appearance earlier this week.

He entered as a pinch runner and went two for two with a single and a double.

Another reason Spring Training is interesting for the Red Sox this season is Hanley's move to first. The Red Sox game against the Rays today wasn't aired on television, but Twitter told me how that seems to be going.